Your Journey Begins

Realizing your love of horses through riding lessons, horse ownership or competition is an invaluable experience that will enrich your life in countless ways.

Learn to Ride

All great things start with a strong foundation! Lessons are open to ages 4+ and are great for the beginner seeking a fun experience all the way to advanced riders looking to sharpen their skills and prepare for competition. 

Middle and High School Students:

Students in Grade 5-12 have the option to earn an athletic letter through the USEF for their participation in horse sports.

Clinics and Stables Shows

A fun, educational way for students to be introduced to competitive riding. Clinics are a great way to build community, receive constructive feedback by a respected member of the industry, and showcase skills to the family members that support our riders. Open to all students that display competency at walk-trot. Ask your instructor for more information!

Academy Team

The next level in competitive riding. Riders are competing against other stables at off-site events on trusted lesson horses. This is a great way for students to elevate their riding by experiencing the talents of other riders, traveling to new facilities, and working extra hard to be competitive. Speak with your instructor if you are interested in joining the Academy Team.


Riders who have been taking lessons or been part of the Academy Team for one or more years may be ready for ownership or leasing. Ownership is the greatest level of commitment for a rider, however the rewards are also higher as the rider works with their own horse to build a partnership and potentially show at regional and national level competitions.

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